måndag, november 17, 2014

sit with me on the bed

Wake up and try
Where wildlife runs free
the lines that are starting to indicate
Your world is plastic

goodbye safety breaks
goodbye baby clothes

Houses are paper but folks don't hear a word you say.
the sun shines all day
Spray to clear the air and its filled with spray
through birthday parties

So you see, my patience is growin' thin.
With this synthetic world we're livin' in. 

this heart to heart will end
What's real has become a freak

this heart to heart will end
Now I find I'm out of place
but it's only a matter of time
Someone's tryin' to make me weak

how long i've been in this place
If I only have one face

goodbye safety breaks
goodbye baby clothes

Can see through to the otherside
sit with me on the bed
Friendship's like acid it burns as it slides away

it was warm now it's empty and dead
Hey you, I'm up from the bayou,
sit with me on the bed

sit with me on the bed
sit with me on the bed
sit with me on the bed

(fuentes: "lines" de Okkervil River y "Synthetic World" de Swamp Dogg)

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